And you cast your vote…

It’s less than a month till we vote for President and it got me thinking about voting…No, I’m not going to spend this post trying to convince you who to vote for but it got me thinking.  I always smile when I read posts on social media where there is something being built somewhere in our small town and someone asks if someone else may know what it is.  And of course then the usual suspects come up; a Dollar store, a Pet Store, a new pizza place or a mattress store.  And we all laugh because there are already one of each of those not just on every corner, but in between too!  And then, we also get those posts where some wonderful business announces that they are closing.  People are sad and forlorn, this wonderful establishment is going away, but why!?!  Well folks, because of our vote!  We may not vote on a ballot for these stores to stay alive, we vote with our cash dollars spent at these establishments!  You don’t spend your money there, you are voting these establishments out.  You spend your money at an establishment, you keep those stores alive and going on!  Its that simple.   Small businesses have a very difficult time trying to win your vote.  They don’t have big bucks to advertise and “get in your face”, they can’t always offer huge discounts as their margins are pretty small as it is.  But they are people trying something new, with no corporate support to back them, following a dream.  And you make that dream live or fall to the wayside with your dollar vote.  Who are you voting for in your town?